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This site is an educational portal for information and resources associated with the statewide Geographic Information Systems (GIS) license in the state of Missouri.  This effort is a partnership of organizations and individuals in order to promote geospatial technologies throughout Missouri's formal, non-formal and informal education.   Due to the collaboration of the Missouri partners on this project and Esri's K-12 Education Team an agreement has been reached that will provide Esri's ArcGIS software throughout Missouri for educational and administrative purposes to the following:
  • all K-12 educators and schools
    • public
    • private
    • charter
    • technical or career/vocational
    • homeschool
  • K-12 aged youth groups and their leaders, such as but not limited to,
    • 4-H
    • Girl Scouts
    • Boy Scouts
    • Camp Fire USA
    • Boys and Girls Clubs
  • K-12 youth serving informal education programs and settings, such as after-school or summer programs at museums and libraries.
Through this effort we would like the youth of Missouri to be able to use the tools of high demand careers in the classroom seamlessly as part of their learning. GIS software brings geography and technology enables youth to build their knowledge through the examination of geographic questions, analysis and themes that can be found in science, math, social studies and language arts. Youth groups and classrooms can undertake investigations and data collection in community based projects.


 One of the key parts of this intitative's success is the continuing support and professional development of educators, youth leaders and others supporting the Esri Statewide K-12 GIS license as well as other geospatial technologies. 

Partner organizations are able to provide face-to-face training, online professional development opportunities such as webinars and customized online training.  Additionally, those educators and leaders of youth groups will have access to many of the Esri virtual campus training modules.  

Getting Started with Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Interested in GIS or want to learn more? Get started by checking out a few of the helpful links below.
Esri's ConnectED page; ArcGIS Online Org for any US K12 school
ArcGIS Online Organization for GIS users in education; see especially "01.InstructionDocs"

Request Software

The Missouri Geographic Alliance through it's host institution, the University of Missouri, has signed an agreement that provides all Missouri K-12 schools, educators, and youth serving groups unprecidented access to  Esri's GIS software known as ArcGIS.
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